Slip Sheets

Resitech has put engineering know-how, a recipe of ingredients and 15 years of finesse into our recycled slip sheet product. Created using our proprietary, environmentally responsible and advanced method of processing plastic waste streams into durable products. Resitech Industries is 100% Australian owned and operated.

What are Recycled Plastic Slip Sheets?



Slip sheets offer a clean, durable, space saving option for your transport packaging needs.
they are designed to withstand the elements, won’t crack, won’t split and won’t absorb moisture. Thin and lightweight our slip sheets offer the ultimate alternative to wooden pallets, cardboard or fibreslip sheets. thinner, yet stronger means savings!

Resitech slip sheets are manufactured from a proprietary blend of polyethylene, primarily high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The sheet is either co-extruded or laminated to provide a non-skid surface and the bottom of the sheets normally have a matte finish to help the load slide onto and off the platens of the push-pull unit. A message is printed on the top surface to indicate the load side of the sheet. All raw materials and finished product are extensively tested to ensure compliance with Resitech materials and product specifications.

Benefits of Using our Plastic Slip Sheets

Made from 100% recycled resins and offering significant savings compared to new sheeting whilst maintaining the quality and offering a totally recyclable product.
Resitech can recycle all damaged and expired slip sheets. Other benefits of Resitech recycled plastic sheeting include:

  1. Better products for you
  2. Better products for the environment
  3. Customised solutions
  4. All at an economical price

Slip Sheet

Slip Sheet

Plastic Slipsheet Specifications

Resitech plastic sheeting is available in a range of lengths and sizes, or we can custom extrude a plastic slip sheet to your requirements.